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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof Dr Susanne Augenhofer

Selection of lectures


17th November 2017

Pisa (IT)

Competition Law, Compensation and Deterrence

Presentation held at the conference on "Compensation and Deterrence in European Tort Law" at the Università di Pisa


29th to 30th June 2017

Cologne (D)

Ist klinische Juristenausbildung sinnvoll, notwendig oder unerwünscht?

(Are Law Clinics useful, necessary or unwanted?)

Presentation held at the Soldan Tagung


21st June 2017


The UCPD and Contract Law - Lessons of the VW Dieselgate

Presentation held at the Fifth Annual Conference on the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University


2nd May 2017

New York

European Private Law after Brexit World

Presentation held at the Hauser & Jean Monnet Lunch Lecture at the NYU School of Law


21st April 2017

New York

Emerging Scholarship Conference

Comment on "The Limits of Self-Governance: Structural Vulnerabilities of Global Certification Programs" by Andrew Larkin at the Emerging Scholarship Conference at the NYU School of Law


27th February 2017

New York (USA)

Consumer Law after Brexit

Symposium on "EU Law with the UK, and EU Law without the UK" at the Fordham Law School


2nd November 2016

New York (USA)

Volkswagen in a Global World

Presentation held at the Global and Comparative Public Law Colloquium by Prof. Weiler and Prof. Kumm


30th September 2016 

New York (USA)

Volkswagen in a Global World

Presentation held at the 2016 Fall Global/ Emile Noël Fellows Forum


24th June 2016

Berlin (D)

Conference "Strategic Litigation"

organizing of a panel on "Enforcing Consumer Rights: Recent Developments in the USA, the European Union and Germany"


27th to 28th February 2015
​Las Vegas (USA)

Self-Regulation and the Interface of Consumer Protection and Corporate Governance
Presentation held at the "10th International Conference on Contracts", William S. Boyd School of Law



Roundtable: Perspectives on More Than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure
Comment on "consumer and comparative perspectives", Chair: Omri Ben-Shahar, "10th International Conference on Contracts", William S. Boyd School of Law


23rd May 2013
Berlin (D)

Comparing Fields and Drawing Common Lessons on Collective Remedies in EU Law – Economic Law

Chairperson of the panel discussion held during the Jean Monnet Conference – "One for all and all for one? The role of collective actors in enforcing European Law",organized by the Hertie School of Governance


11th April 2013
Tulane Law School, Ithaca (USA)

Collective Redress in European Antitrust and Consumer Law

Presentation held at the Tulane Law School, organized by the Eason Weinmann Center for Comparative Law


4th April 2013
Cornell Law School, New Orleans (USA)

The Proposal for a Common European Sales Law

Presentation held at the Cornell Law School


5th to 6th December 2012
Enchi (CN)

Die Reform des Chinesischen Verbraucherschutzgesetzes

(The reform of Chinese consumer law)

Presentation given as advisor during the workshop, organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


27th November 2012
Berlin (D)

Produktvorschriften und vertragliche Rechtsbehelfe des Verbrauchers unter Nachhaltigkeitsgesichtspunkten

(Product specifications and the consumer’s contractual remedies in the light of sustainability)

Comment on the lecture given by Prof. Tonner at the Symposium "Sustainable Consumption through Legal Control", organized by the German Federal Environmental Agency


25th July 2012
Humboldt-University Berlin (D)

Recent Case law in European Consumer Law

Lecture given at the Summer Course on European Private Law in Progress, organized by the Consiglio Nazionale Forense in cooperation with King’s College London and HU Berlin


22nd to 23rd March 2012
Copenhagen (DK)

The Need for a Coherent Approach to European Collective Redress?
Lecture at the "Conference on Collective Redress" organized by the Dutch EU Council Presidency 


16th March 2012
Humboldt-University Berlin (D)

Die Zukunft des Verbraucherrechts (The future of consumer law)

Lecture held at the symposium on consumer law "Kennedy – 50 years and the inauguration of the Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic", organised in co-operation with Prof. Singer; editor of the conference proceedings


15th March 2012
Utrecht (NL)

The Future of Consumer Law

Lecture given at the workshop "Consumer Rights: The Fifty Years", organized by Prof. Hondius


23rd May 2011

A private right to redress for breach of the general clause and the black list of the UCPD

Lecture given at the workshop "Reforming the Private Law of Unfair Commercial Practices", organized by Prof. Collins


14th January 2011
Leuven (BE)

A European Civil Law – for whom and what should it include? Reflections on the Scope of Application

Lecture given at the annual conference of the Society of European Contract Law (Secola)


14th to 15th October 2010
Kunming (CN)

Misleading advertising and enforcement

Lecture given at the workshop "Unfair Competition Law", IPR2 partnership project of the EU


13th July 2010

European Parliament,

Brussels (BE)

State of play of the implementation of the provisions on advertising in the unfair commercial practices' legislation / Misleading advertisement on the Internet

Presentation of the briefing papers on the implementation of the unfair commercial practices directive


17th March 2009
University of Graz (AT)

Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Reiserecht

(Current developments in the field of travel law)

Presentation held during the "Grazer Privatrechtlicher Dialog" ('Grazer Private Law Dialogues')


6th March 2009

Public Interest Norms, Public or Private Enforcement?

Lecture given during the workshop on "Public and Private Enforcement", organized by Prof. Cafaggi, Prof. Micklitz and Prof. Suk