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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof Dr Susanne Augenhofer

Guest speakers

Who are "Guest Speakers"?

From time to time Prof. Dr. Augenhofer invites various guest speakers to Berlin to deliver a lecture in one of Prof. Dr. Augenhofer's courses. After the lecture, the participants and the guest speakers, who are generally researchers or practitioners in the relevant field of law, engage in a discussion on the presented topic. Since the winter term of 2011/2012 some of the guest lectures have been held outside Berlin (e.g. during the winter term of 2011/12, the lecture was in Brussels, and during the summer term of 2012, the lecture was at the European University Institute in Florence).


The purpose of guest lectures

The purpose of inviting guest lecturers is to facilitate the interaction of the participants with European lawyers (researchers and practitioners) and thereby to provide the opportunity to discuss recent developments in European private law. The guest lectures also give students the opportunity to learn about the various professions available to lawyers.

Winter term 2017/2018

Guest lecture with Mr. Tommaso Pavone, Ph.d. Candidate, Princeton University

Lecture on "Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice: A Sociological Primer", Wednesday, 9 November 2017

As part of the lecture "European Contract Law", Mister Pavone gave a presentation on the importance and the development of preliminary references to the European Court of Justice since the 1960s. In his presentation he highlighted the enormous importance of preliminary references as an engine for integration to harmonize European law. Moreover preliminary references are important to enforce European individual rights. 

Mister Pavone showed by a statistical analysis that there is no enormous decentralization of the jurisdiction through preliminary references. But nearly the same number of high-instance courts referred questions to the ECJ as a large number of low-instance courts. Furthermore there are also differences in a geographical view. Many preliminary references came from Germany. Thereby Munich is leading followed by Karlsruhe and Hamburg. Many preliminary references came also from Northern Italy as well as from Paris. Only a small number of preliminary references came from Southern France and Southern Italy. Mister Pavone gave different reasons for this status. 

Finally, Mister Pavone highlighted the steadily increasing importance of preliminary references to harmonize European Law. 

IMG 7839


Summer term 2016

Guest Lecture with Prof. Shmuel Becher, College of Management - School of Law, Rishon Le Zion (Israel)
Lecture on "Manipulating, Fast and Slow: The Law of Nonverbal Market Manipulations", Tuesday, 17 May 2016

As part of the lecture "European Consumer Law", Prof. Becher gave an interesting speech about "The Law of Nonverbal-Market Manipulations". The topic was not only a matter of law but an interdisciplinary approach also consisting of aspects of economics and psychology. How do consumers make decisions? Colours, music and smell are just a few factors that unconsciously affect the consumer’s behaviour. Right now, however, the law does not regulate nonverbal market manipulations (NVMM), but only verbal market manipulations like misleading statements on the product. Prof. Becher stressed his thesis that the law is able to regulate NVMM and that it in fact should start regulating NVMM. Prof. Becher concluded his very entertaining lecture with the request to start thinking about nonverbal market manipulations.

Afterwards students were encouraged to ask questions and to comment on the lecture.

Winter term 2015/2016

Guest lecture with Prof. em Detlef Leenen, emeritus professor for private law, commercial law, legal theory and methodology
Lecture on "Gesetzesauslegung und -fortbildung im Anwendungsbereich von Europäischen Richtlinien" ("Interpretation of law and development of law in the scope of the application of European directives"), 27 January 2016


Guest lecture with Cyril Ritter, GD competition of the European Commission
Lecture on "EU Competition Law from the Enforcers' Practical Perspective", 26 January 2016 

Winter term 2014/2015

Guest lecture with Dr. Murza, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie)
Lecture on "Vertikale Vertriebsbeschränkungen im Internetvertrieb" ("Vertical distribution restrictions in Internet marketing"), 10 February 2015

At the end of the current winter term, Dr. Maja Murza visited the lecture "European and German Antitrust Law". Her presentation on vertical restraints of competition in online distribution networks gave exciting insights into the competition practice. Her lecture led to a discussion among the students and Dr. Murza on the competitiveness of online and traditional distribution networks. Finally the students were encouraged to discuss with her the implementation of the new EU directive on cartel damages.

Maja Murza

Dr. Maja Murza as a guest at the course European and German Cartel law

Guest lecture with Dr. Becker, GD competition, European Commission
Lecture on "Aktuelle Fallpraxis im Europäischen Kartellrecht" ("Current case practice in European cartel law"), Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Rainer Becker Rainer Becker

Dr. Rainer Becker

Winter term 2014/2015

Guest lecture with Professor Bar-Gill, Harvard Law School
Ph.D. candidates workshop and lecture and panel discussion on "The Future of Consumer Law", 20 October 2014

The Future of Consumer Law
Prof. Oren Bar-Gill (Harvard Law School)
The Future of Consumer Law
f.l.t.r. Prof. Susanne Augenhofer, Prof. Oren Bar-
Gill, Diana Wallis, Ursula Pachl, Prof. Roland Strausz



The Future of Consumer Law The Future of Consumer Law

Prof. Oren Bar-Gill (Harvard Law School) at the Ph.D. candidates workshop


Guest lecture with Ms. Diana Wallis, President of the European Law Institute
Lecture on "An EU Collective Action to Enforce EU Rights; the Missing Part of the Jigsaw", 21 October 2014

Diana Wallis

Ms. Diana Wallis

Summer term 2014

Yale-Humboldt Consumer Law Lecture, 6 June 2014

Winter term 2013/2014

Visiting researcher at the Yale Law School

Summer term 2013

Guest lecture with Professor Dr. Vörös, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Lecture on  "Das Ungarische Wettbewerbsgesetz von 1996 - Vorgeschichte, Entwicklungslinien und Tendenzen"("The Hungarian  Competition Act of 1996 - history, development and tendencies"), 18 June 2013

Winter term 2012/2013

Guest lecture with Ms. Dr. Wiewiorowska, Polish Ministery of Justice
Lecture on "Die Reform des polnischen Zivilgesetzbuchs" ("The reform of the Polish Civil Code"), 12 February 2013

Summer term 2012

Guest lecture with Professor Beale (University Warwick (GB))
Lecture on "The Proposal for a Common European Sales Law" (course European Consumer Law)


Guest lecture Florence
Seminar at the European University Institute of Florence on "Antitrust, Unfair Competition, Trademarks: exploring the boundaries" (in cooperation with Professor G. Monti), 23 and 24 May 2012

Winter term 2011/2012

Guest lecture with Professor Dr. Leenen (FU Berlin)
Lecture on "Die Auslegung von Richtlinien und die richtlinienkonforme Auslegung nationalen Rechts" ("The interpretation of directives and the interpretation of national law in accordance with the directives"), 13 February 2012


Guest lecture Brussels
Discussion with representatives of the European Parliament, the European Council, the Permanenet Mission of Germany and the European Commission in the course of a study program 
topics: the optional instrument "Common European Sales Law", the enforcement of law, the functioning of the European institutions

Summer term 2011

Guest lecture with Ms. RAin Beal, Geschäftsführerin der Wettbewerbszentrale
Lecture on the work of the German Agency to Combat Unfair Competition (Wettbewerbszentrale)
(course German and European Unfair Competition Law)


Guest lecture with Mr RA Bøggild
Lecture on the Dutch law of unfair commercial practices and on the Dutch Consumerombudsman
(course German and European Unfair Competition Law)


Guest lecture with Mr RA Brexl, director of EU.claim
Lecture on the enforcement of air passenger rights from a practical view 
(course German and European Unfair Competition Law)

Winter term 2010/2011

Guest lecture with Professor Dr. Borghetti, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2)
Seminar on the Green Book on European Contract Law - options & consequences

Summer term 2010

Guest lecture with Professor G. Monti, LSE London
Seminar on the topic of questions of the enforcement of consumer and competition law