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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - International Dispute Resolution

Curriculum and Exams

The Master Programme commences annually in the winter term and consists of mandatory and elective components. All in all, the participants need to achieve a total of 60 credits. The classes take place in over the course of two terms and are exclusively taught in English.


The mandatory component consists of five modules with a total of 35 credits on the one hand, as well as a master thesis and its oral defence, amounting to 15 credits, on the other hand. Four of the five mandatory modules are to be passed in the first term. This includes the classes Arbitration, IDR and International Litigation, Specific Areas of Arbitration and an Introduction to Academic Writing. Except the module Introduction to Academic Writing all modules end with a written examination.


Please click here for an overview of the exams.


The second term only contains one mandatory module, ADR-Methods. The term therefore provides ample space to pursue individual research interests. For the elective component, participants may choose two out of four available modules. The modules offered will include classes aimed at increasing language and writing competency for lawyers and arbitrators as well as the possibility to do an internship corresponding with the topics of the Programme. Finally, the master thesis is to be written in the second term.


Furthermore, in the first term of the Programme a weekly distinguished Lecture Series is held, in which specific aspects and problems of arbitration are explored with experienced expert practitioners in two to four hour workshops. 


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