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Englisches Recht

The programme develops the students' ability to understand and discuss complex legal issues in English, the world language of academic, business and professional communication.

It gives students the opportunity to compare and contrast two different legal systems - English common law with the German civil law system, and to expand their awareness and understanding of different legal approaches and cultures both in academia and in practice.

It is the ideal preparation for an exchange studentship, either to an English, Irish or Welsh university, or to a university where English is the medium of instruction. In both cases the students will be a positive reflection of their home university and faculty as they will be well equipped to discuss, present and write on legal topics. In the former situation they will also display a familiarity with important basic concepts, principles and terminology of English law and thus be able to participate fully and successfully in the exchange programme.

The FRS qualification in English (as well as other languages) improves the employability of law graduates. It is thus an important incentive in student recruitment.

An initial qualification in English law is a transferable skill. It provides students with the specific knowledge, language and skills needed to quickly obtain a familiarity with the workings of other common law (or mixed law) jurisdictions.


Wintersemester 2023

Modul 6:  Law of Torts

Dozentin: A. van der Eijk

Modul 3: Contract and Commercial Law

This course should familiarise you with the essentials of commercial contracts in the common law world. We deal with questions of construction, vitiating factors, misrepresentation, equitable remedies and parts of the Sale of Goods Act. A substantial set of notes is provided.

Dozent: P. Harvey



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