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EuLysses Partnership — Joint Teaching and Research

EuLysses Partnership — Joint Teaching and Research


Since 2020, 5 ELS partner universities form the Strategic Partnership EULysses - New frontiers for legal teaching and training. Through EULYsses, the established cooperative relationships in the ELS network will be consolidated, networked courses with teachers from different universities will be made possible, and new, interdisciplinary subject areas will be opened up for legal education.

EULysses focuses its activities on 3 areas:

  1. Establishing an exchange program at the level of professors and lecturers between the law faculties of the participating universities.
  2. Creation of events for students on European topics of the future, such as European governance or identity, with the participation of lecturers from a) the ELS partner universities, as well as b) from neighboring disciplines (e.g. political sciences).
  3. Setting up joint digital infrastructures (Joint Digital Platform), with namely a digital research map, which will strengthen both the visibility of the partners to the outside world and the cooperation within the EULysses network.


EULysses will network the law faculties of the participating universities closely and permanently in the area of teaching and thus lay the foundations for joint projects in research, teaching and third-party funded projects.



Joint Courses

  • Strategic Partnership —Multiuniversity Research
  • Course Outline Teaching
  • Course Material


European Legal Studies — Joint Research

  • The Concept of Mapping Legal Studies
  • The Map
  • Ongoing Projects


Pluralist New Private Law Theory