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Students and Alumni Network



The alumni network of the European Law School e.V. provides a platform to facilitate contact between current and former ELS students, allowing them to get to know students in different years regardless of their respective places of study. We represent the interests of the students with the ELS administration, ensuring that the students’ perspectives are taken into account in the internal decision-making of the ELS.

The alumni network organises different common activities at the respective places of study (kick-off drinks each semester in Berlin, First Drink ELS Paris…) and often contributes to the culinary programme at the graduations.

Furthermore, we organise an annual study trip to European and/or international organisations (Brussels in 2012 and 2013, The Hague in 2015). The alumni association provides a general exchange of experiences between the different years and places of study and facilitates contacts for specific questions, for example at our regular meetings (pub nights, Brown Bag Lunch etc.). Notably the association’s Facebook group provides a forum for everyday communication. In addition, the association has its own homepage where you can find all relevant information.


At the end of the day, the alumni association is what we make of it. So take initiative and get involved with the association, e.g. the organisation of a Brown Bag Lunch or the participation at an information event for incoming students! We would therefore like to invite you to join the association.


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President: Wendelin Wiedemer (Berlin)

Vicepresident: Alice Jouandet (Paris)


Secrétaire Général (Paris)

Arthur Rialland



Friedrich Kliebenstein und Felix Janousek



Agnese Colucci



Daphne Brunkhorst