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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof. Dr. Philipp Dann

Tanja Marielle Herklotz, LLM (SOAS)


Chair for Public Law and Comparative Law

Postal address

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Juristische Fakultät
Öffentliches Recht und Rechtsvergleichung
10099 Berlin


Altes Palais, Raum 419
Unter den Linden 9, Berlin-Mitte


Email: tanja.herklotz@rewi.hu-berlin.de
Fon: +30 2093 3459

Fields of Interest

Comparative Constitutional Law, India, Law and Gender, Legal Pluralism, Law and Social Movements

Short Bio

  • since 7/2019: Researcher at the Chair for Public Law and Comparative Law, Humboldt-University Berlin, Principal Investigator of two projects on Indian and comparative Law: Legal Cultures in India and Europe and Law and Transformation 
  • 2014-2020: PhD Project on “Feminist Legal Activism in India”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Philipp Dann, several Research stays in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru) between 2014 and 2019
  • 3/2020-4/2020: Visiting Scholar at the Centre of Law and Society, Cardiff University
  • 10/2019-1/2020: Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Law and Society, Berkeley Law
  • 4/2019-6/2019: Visiting Scholar at the University of Warwick
  • 1/2019-6/2019: Holder of the Caroline von Humboldt Scholarship granted by Humboldt-University Berlin
  • 1/2015-12/2018: Researcher at the Chair for Public Law and Comparative Law, Humboldt-University Berlin
  • 5/2014-4/2017: Holder of the Elsa Neumann Scholarship granted by the State of Berlin
  • 9/2013-5/2014: Researcher at the Associate Professorship in Constitutional and Administrative Law including Public Law in an International Context, Free University Berlin
  • 9/2012–9/2013: LLM School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Title of Master Thesis: “The Gender Blind Spot: An Analysis of Feminist Perspectives on the Personal Laws and the Uniform Civil Code in India”
  • 11/2011: First State Examination
    Specialisation: International Law, EU Law and Comparative Law
  • 10/2005-11/2011: Studies of Law at the Universities of Heidelberg, Bologna and Münster


Edited volumes: 

  • (2021) Mutinies for Equality: Contemporary Developments in Law and Gender in India, Cambridge University Press (with Siddharth Peter De Souza) (available here).

Peer reviewed journal articles:

  • (forthcoming) 'Religious Courts', in: Rainer Grote, Frauke Lachenmann, Rüdiger Wolfrum (eds) Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law. 
  • (2020) 'Law and Society Studies in Context: Suggestions for a Cross-Country Comparison of Socio-Legal Research and Teaching', German Law Journal 21 (7), 1332-1344 (available here).
  • (2017) 'Walking a Tightrope: Balancing Law, Religion and Gender Equality in the Aftermath of the Indian Supreme Court's Triple Talaq Ban', Journal for Law and Islam 9, 179–204 (available here).
  • (2017) 'Law, Religion and Gender Equality: Literature on the Indian Personal Law System from a Women's Rights Perspective', Indian Law Review 1 (3), 250–268 (available here).
  • (2016) 'Dead Letters? The Uniform Civil Code through the Eyes of the Indian Women's Movement and the Indian Supreme Court', World Comparative Law 49 (2), 148–174 (available here).

Other articles:

  • (2016) 'Law in Context: Case Studies from India' (with Sarah Holz), South Asia Chronicle 6, 3–10 (available here).
  • (2015) 'Religion-Based Personal Laws in India from a Women's Rights Perspective: Context and Some Recent Publications', South Asia Chronicle 5, 370–399 (available here).

Book chapters:

  • (2021) 'Introduction', in: Herklotz, T. and De Souza, S.P. (eds) Mutinies for Equality: Contemporary Developments in Law and Gender in India, Cambridge University Press, 1-18 (with Siddharth Peter De Souza) (available here).
  • (2021) 'Armed with the Constitution: Feminist Litigation on Indian Family Law', in: Herklotz, T. and De Souza, S.P. (eds) Mutinies for Equality: Contemporary Developments in Law and Gender in India, Cambridge University Press, 115-132 (available here).
  • (2018) 'Feminist Dilemmas: The Challenges in Accommodating Women's Rights within Religion-Based Family Law', in: Topidi, K. Normative Pluralism and Human Rights: Social Normativities in Conflict, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 166–188 (available here).
  • (2017) 'Of Apples and Mangoes: Comparing the European Union and India' (with Philipp Dann and Maxim Bönnemann), in Singh, M.P. (ed) Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law 2016, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 3–20 (available here).

Book reviews:

  • (2020) 'Kalindi Kokal, State Law, Dispute Procesing, and Legal Pluralism: Unspoken Dialogues from Rural India', World Comparative Law 53 (1), 72-76.
  • (2017) 'Mengia Hong Tschalaer, Muslim Women's Quest for Justice: Gender, Law and Activism in India', World Comparative Law 50 (3), 316–320 (available here).
  • (2017) 'Srimati Basu, The Trouble with Marriage: Feminists Confront Law and Violence in India', South Asia Research 37 (3), 339–343 (available here).
  • (2017) 'Alamgir Muhammad Serajuddin, Cases on Muslim Law of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh', World Comparative Law 50 (1), 87–91.
  • (2016) 'Amy Young Evrard, The Moroccan Women's Rights Movement', World Comparative Law 49 (4), 431–435 (available here).


  • “Constitutional Law”, Humboldt-University Berlin (winter term 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19)
  • “Fundamental Rights”, Humboldt-University Berlin (summer term 2018)
  • “Legal Pluralism and Gender in India”, Humboldt-University Berlin (summer term 2017)

Conference Participation (Selection)

  • (2021) "Islamic Feminism in India: Goals, Challenges and Achievements", European Centre for Minority Issues, Social Movements and Minority Rights Workshop

  • (2021) "Women’s Movements and Legal Change: A Case Study from India", Socio-Legal Studies Association, Cardiff University

  • (2019) “Moving the Courts: Feminist Litigation on Indian Family Law”, New Directions, New Voices in Family Law in India, Bangalore  
  • (2019) “Feminist Legal Activism in India: An Analysis of the Indian Women's Movement's, Protagonists, Strategies and Successes through a Comparative Lens”, Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association (LSA), Washington
  • (2018) “Feminist Legal Activism in India”, Annual Meeting of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law, Lisbon
  • (2018) “Litigating for Change: Feminist Legal Activism on Personal Laws in India”, Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association (LSA), Toronto
  • (2015) “Dead Letters? The Uniform Civil Code for India—Two Perspectives”, International Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism, Mumbai
  • (2015) “The Tools for Social Change: Perceptions of the Law by the Indian Women's Movement”, 3rd German Law and Society Congress, Berlin