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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Integrative Research Institute Law & Society (LSI)

The Law & Society Podcast

In the Law & Society Podcast, members of the Integrative Research Institute Law & Society (LSI) talk to scholars conducting interdisciplinary legal research all around the world.

The LSI Berlin aims to complement doctrinal legal research by the systematic inclusion of social sciences, the humanities and natural sciences, critically reflecting the opaque separation of knowledge by different academic disciplines. By this interdisciplinary approach, functions and interdependencies of law are examined in an integrative and methodologically reflected way.

Our podcast is committed to this very idea and, thus, serves the continuation of scientific exchange in times of physical distancing. To receive regular updates on new episodes, subscribe to the LSI newsletter and follow us on Twitter.


First episode with Nora Markard [in German] on the Gender Pay Gap why the law needs empirical research

Bild NoraIn the first episode, Nora Markard speaks about the gender pay gap and why the law must rely on empirical research in order to promote equality rights. Please find an extended abstract on our German webpage.

Nora Markard is professor for international public law and the international protection of human rights at the University of Münster and member of the board of the Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte.



Law & Society Podcast, Episode 1 with Nora Markard


Second episode with Eddie Bruce-Jones on race and inequality and the importance of the single case


image eddie

Eddie Bruce Jones speaks about scholarship on law and race in Germany and internationally. He stresses the importance of studying the single case for equality law, like the example of Oury Jalloh, a Black man who died in police custody in 2005 in Dessau/Germany, and its potential implications for the European Court of Human Rights. Rather than race being an US-centric category, Eddie Bruce Jones considers race a transhistoric and transnational concept that allows us to theorize similarities beyond geography and time. In a comparative as well as law and anthropology perspective, he explains how the concept of race is crucial in order to see how society is centrally structured around inequality.

Dr. Eddie Bruce Jones is Reader in Law & Anthropology and Deputy Dean of the School of Law at Birkbeck College, University of London.


Law & Society Podcast, Episode 2 with Eddie Bruce-Jones



Eule 205x330In the third episode, Tobias Eule speaks about chances and challenges of empirical socio-legal studies and its relation to doctrinal legal studies. Please find an extended abstract on our German webpage.


Tobias Eule is professor for sociology of law at the University of Bern and Distinguished Research Fellow and head of the research group sociology of law at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS).



Susanne Baer neuSusanne Baer speaks about the mobilization of equality rights and an interdisciplinary approach to legal studies as a means of elucidation. Please find an extended abstract on our German webpage.


Susanne Baer is a judge of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany and Professor for Public Law and Gender Studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin as well as L. Bates Lea Global Law Professor at the University of Michigan Law School.



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