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Charlotte Langenfeld














Research Project:

The Autonomy of the EU Legal Order in the ECJ’s Jurisprudence




2013 AbiBac in Leipzig, Fifth Form in the UK, GCSE’s. Law Studies at the University of Freiburg (2013-2019) and the Universities Lyon 2 Lumière and Sciences Po Lyon (2016-2017), scholarship of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (2014-2019). Specialisation in European and International Public Law. First State Exam (Erste Juristische Staatsprüfung) in January 2019. PhD-candidate at Humboldt-University Berlin, supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Eifert (since May 2019). Research Fellow at the DFG-Graduate Program “Dynamic Integration” at Humboldt-University (since October 2019). Co-speaker of the PhD cohort of DynamInt in the academic year 2020/2021.

Student assistant at the Institute for Political Science and Philosophy of Law, Department 3, Department of Legal Theory directed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Jestaedt (2015-2016). Participation in the ECHR-Moot Court in cooperation of the Universities of Freiburg und Strasbourg (2015/16). Completion of the “French Law School” of the University of Freiburg (2013-2018).


Virtual research visit at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) in November/December 2020. Internship in the Cabinet of Prof. Dr. Thomas von Danwitz, Judge at the Court of the European Union (April-June 2021). Visiting student at the European University Institute in Florence (March/April 2022).


Research Interests

  • European Constitutional Law
  • Court of Justice of the European Union
  • EU External Relations
  • Law and Jurisprudence in Context



  • Working group in Constitutional Law (focus on the organisation of the state and its highest organs)