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Moritz Schramm

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Research Project:

Emulated Guardians: Practice, Politics, and Performativity of the DSA and the Oversight Board




Assistant Editor of the European Journal of International Law (September 2021 until August 2022), Junior Editor of the European Journal of Legal Studies (since November 2021), Editor of the blog 'The Digital Constitutionalist' (since January 2022).


Visiting PhD Student at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (September until December 2021), Co-Speaker of the PhD cohort of DFG-Graduate School DynamInt (September 2021 until September 2022).


Law studies at Humboldt-University of Berlin and Keio University in Tokyo, Japan (2017) from 2013 to 2019, Major in Public International Law and European Union law (2016). March 2019 First State Exam in Berlin. June 2019 Summer School in Human Rights Law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Since October 2019 Research Fellow and Doctoral Candidate at the DFG-Graduate Program ‘Dynamic Integration’ at Humboldt-University of Berlin.

April to September 2019 Research Assistant at the Chair of Public Law and European Law (Professor Ruffert) at Humboldt-University of Berlin; June 2016 to March 2019 Student Assistant at the Chair of Public Law and European Law (Professor Ruffert).


January 2015 to January 2018 Member of the Board of the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V., a student initiative providing free legal aid to Refugees in the Berlin-Brandenburg Region. October 2016 to April 2017 Participant in the Philip C. Jessup Public International Law Moot Court in Passau, Germany and Washington D.C., U.S.A. Summer term 2016 Co-Organizer of a seminar on comparative public law in Berlin and Kyiv, Ukraine (in cooperation with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Netzwerk Ost-West of Humboldt-University of Berlin).



Research Interests


  • Socio-Legal Research
  • EU Administrative Law
  • Legal & Social Theory
  • Internet & Platform Governance




  • Tutorial Public Law III (Constitutional Law, Public International Law, European Union Law) - winter term 2019-2020




  • From 'Hard' to 'Soft' Content Moderation? The Amplification and Demotion of Content on Social Media, Humboldt-University of Berlin (online), 29 April 2022, co-organized with Fernanda Bremenkamp


  • Interviewing lawyers: Workshop on Qualitative Interviews in Socio-Legal Research, European University Institute (hybrid), 16 November 2021, co-organized with Carolin Lerch


  • Investigating Interdisciplinarity: Onlineworkshop zur interdisziplinären Rechtsforschung, Humboldt-University of Berlin und Law & Society Institute Berlin (online), 27 May 2021, organized with Lisa Hahn, Helen Hartnell, Lukas Huthmann, Lucie Kretschmer, Siddarth de Souza


Chaired Panels


  • The Automation of Public Administrations: Comparative Administrative Law Perspectives, Icon•S Annual Conference, Panel #111, 6 July 2022 (Chair), online




  • A Matter of Justice: Judicial Review and new Remedies for the 21st Century, Icon•S Mundo Conference, Panel #193, 8 July 2021 (Chair)


Conference Presentations





  • Oscillating Legalities: Using Pierre Bourdieu’s Reflexivity in Socio-Legal Research, 15 July 2022, at Rage, Reckoning & Remedy – Global Meeting on Law & Society, Law and Society Association, Lisbon, Portugal (hybrid)


  • The Emulation Paradox in Digital Constitutionalism, 6 July 2022, ICON S Annual Conference, Wroclaw, Poland (cancelled for personal reasons)







  • Dull but Effective? What Lawyers can Contribute to Longtermist Research, CHERI Summer Research Program 2021, 21 August 2021, Blonay, Switzerlande







  • Book Review, ‚Michał Krajewski: Relative Authority of Judicial and Extra-Judicial Review: EU Courts, Boards of Appeal, Ombudsman (Oxford: Hart 2021)', Review of European Administrative Law 2023 (2) 125-132


  • Shrinks, Priests, and Academic Soul-Searching: Epistemic Reflexivity in Socio-Legal Research, Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies (Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies), 5 July 2023 


  • Europarecht im Examen - Rechtsschutz vor den europäischen Gerichten, Juristische Schulung (JuS), 2022, 814-819 (co-authored with Matthias Ruffert and Friederike Grischek)


  • Constitutional Metaphors: Facbebook’s 'Supreme Court' and Platform Legitimation, New Media and Society, open access, co-authored with Josh Cowls, Philipp Darius, Dominiquo Santistevan


  • Europarecht im Examen - Die Grundfreiheiten, Juristische Schulung (JuS), 2021, 407-411 (co-authored with Matthias Ruffert and Friederike Grischek)


  • Europarecht im Examen - Die Grundrechte, Juristische Schulung (JuS), 2020, 1022-1026 (co-authored with Matthias Ruffert and Friederike Grischek)


  • Europarecht im Examen - Rechtsquellen und Rechtssetzung im Unionsrecht, Juristische Schulung (JuS), 2020, 413-417 (co-authored with Matthias Ruffert and Friederike Grischek)


  • ‚Grundrechtsvielfalt‘ als Allzweckwaffe im Recht­sprechungs­verbund: Anmerkungen zu der Recht auf Vergessen I-Entscheidung des BVerfG, Verfassungsblog, 5 December 2019


  • Europarecht im Examen: Grundfragen und Organisationsstruktur, Juristische Schulung (JuS), 2019, 974-978 (co-authored with Matthias Ruffert and Friederike Grischek)


  • Parlamentsheer oder Heeresparlament – Eine Kritik an der Reform des Parlamentsbeteiligungsgesetzes, Zeitschrift für Gesetzgebung 2017, 147-162


  • Refugee Law Clinic Berlin – in der Reihe: Refugee Law Clinics: soziales Engagement als praktische Kritik an der universitären Juristenausbildung?, JuWiss-Blog 13 January 2016