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Paul Friedl, LL.M.



















Research Project:

Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in European Law





Since 2013 student of law at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. 2014 transfer to Humboldt University Berlin and admission to the European Law School. April 2017 successful First State Examination ranked as top 1% graduate. 2017 until 2018 studies at La Sapienza University Rome funded by a DAAD scholarship leading to the Laurea Magistrale degree. 2018 until 2019 LL.M. studies at European University Institute, Florence, funded by a scholarship for top-ranked candidates. 2019 awarded “Master of Comparative, European and International Laws” degree for a thesis on the conceptual history of European data protection law. Summer 2019 organisation of a workshop on “Privacy, Dignity and the Legal Protection of Human Identities” at the World Congress of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy. Since December 2019 PhD candidate at the “Dynamische Integrationsordnung” graduate school at Humboldt University Berlin.


2015 research assistant at the NGO “Digitale Gesellschaft” for digital policies and fundamental rights protection in the information era. 2016 internship at the German Embassy in Stockholm. Since 2018 freelance journalist for music and culture.



Research Interests


  • Law of the Information Society
  • Data Protection Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Theory