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Baranski FotoDr. Marcin Barański

Postdoctoral researcher at DynamInt since January 2022















Ph.D. in Law, July 2021 at the EUI in Florence, Italy "Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union: A Critical Reassessment" supervised by Professor Dennis M. Patterson


Fox International Fellow at FU Berlin, Germany (Yale Macmillan Center, New Haven (CT), US 2019 – 2020)

Research Project: Between Common European Values and National Constitutional Identities: Reassessing the Modalities of European Constitutional Argument


LL.M., May 2019 at Yale Law School, New Haven (CT), US        


LL.M. in Comparative, European and International Laws, June 2015 at the EUI in Florence, Italy "Beyond Kelsen: Reassessing Constitutional Adjudication in European Law" supervised by Professor Dennis M. Patterson       


M.A. in Law, with distinction, July 2014 at the University of Warsaw, Poland "The Polish-Danzig Cases at the Permanent Court of International Justice"


M.A. in Liberal Arts, with distinction, July 2013 "Constitutional Review and Judicialization of Politics in Poland"



Reviewer International Journal of Constitutional Law (Fall 2021 – present)


Founding Member & Chair for Outreach Yale Law School European Law Association (Spring 2019)                                                                                                                   


Co-Chair EUI Legal and Political Theory Working Group (2017 – 2018)                                             


European Journal of Legal Studies: Junior Editor (2016 – 2017) and Head of the Legal Theory Section (2017 –2018)



Research Interests


  • Legal Theory
  • European and National Constitutional Law
  • Comparative Constitutional Law and Theory
  • Relationship between the National Constitutional Courts and the European Court of Justice



Publications (selection)


  • Unquestioned supremacy still begs the question (with F. Brito Bastos & M. van den Brink), [Response to the Joint Statement in Defense of the EU Legal Order following the Weiss judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court], Verfassungsblog, May 29, 2020

  • Between Common Values and National Identities: The EU at a Crossroads? The Modalities of Constitutional Argument in European Law, University of Cambridge, UK, September 2019

  • Pluralism, Hierarchies and The European Constitution. An Inquiry into EU Legal Theory, Yale Law School, New Haven, US, November 2017

  • A Kelsenian Theory of the European Juridical Constitution? Towards a Rejoinder to Kaarlo Tuori’s European Constitutionalism, University of Cambridge, UK, June 2017

  • Heterarchy, Plurality and Legal Ordering in the works of Neil MacCormick: Pluralism Reassessed, EUI, Florence & Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy, March 2016