Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - European Law School Network



Forschungszielepromotionskollegmittext.pngThe doctoral programme seeks to facilitate the transition between master's degree, or German state examination and academic research for internationally oriented graduates who have spent at least one year abroad during their studies. It encourages talented graduates to utilise and expand their expertise gained from domestic and international studies in the context of (joint) PhD projects. For this purpose, the programme members can profitably draw on the international network of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, including top universities and research facilities across Europe.


Within the framework of an international support structure, dissertation projects incorporating European, international and/or comparative aspects of law will find intellectual and partly also financial support. Doctoral candidates benefit from an organised research structure and are encouraged to provide regular updates about their proPromotionskollegbetreuung.pnggress in the setting of doctoral workshops. Through regular events, the program stimulates reflecting on the intellectual basis of law and its context, and further promotes the openness for interdisciplinary work. Coaching and funding opportunities serve to stimulate individual research projects and initiatives of the PhD students, such as the organisation of conferences or international doctoral colloquiums. Key competencies and practical orientation are conveyed in cooperation with private sector sponsors of the European Law School, including mentoring possibilities. Finally, members of the doctoral programme have a free choice of classes and events offered by the Humboldt Graduate School.