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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic

Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic

The Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic is accepting cases from 1 April 2018!

The HCLC is offering legal advise in consumer law issues.

Legal advice is given by two students who are supported by a lawyer experienced in consumer law and is free of charge. If you are interested in receiving the services of the Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic, you can submit your case by writing an e-mail from 1 April 2018 in which you briefly state your problem to: hclc@rewi.hu-berlin.de

Legal advice will also be given on cases concerning tenancy law.

Please note that we can only accept claims below 1.000 Euro.

What is a Law Clinic?

The idea of law clinics was developed in the Anglo-American legal tradition. Legal faculties of renowned universities offer clinics which deal with various legal issues. Through this medium, students get the opportunity to work on specific cases and already gain practical experience during their studies. The Consumer Law Clinic of the Humboldt University Berlin is the first German Law Clinic to focus on consumer law.

How does the Humboldt Consumer Law Clinic work?

In preparation for client-counselling, advanced courses are offered to students during the winter term.
During the following summer term the students are divided into two-person teams. Each team then works on cases under the supervision of the professors or legal practitioners. Due to the nature of the Clinic, only cases with claims below € 1,000 may be accepted.

Who may participate?

The HCLC is primarily intended for participants majoring in the specializations  3, 4a and 4b. During the winter term the block lecture "European Consumer Law" and lecture series "Consumer Law in Practice", which are organized in co-operation with legal practitioners, are offered. These courses are aimed to prepare the students for their work at the Consumer Law Clinic. Client counselling during the summer term can be credited for BZQ-I.

You can find more information in our FAQ.


Prof. Dr. Susanne Augenhofer, LL.M. (Yale)
Chair for Civil Law, European Private Law, Comparative Law and Market Regulation through Consumer and Competition Law
Humboldt University
D-10099 Berlin
Email: susanne.augenhofer@rewi.hu-berlin.de

Homepage: https://plone.rewi.hu-berlin.de/en/lf/ls/aug

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Singer
Chair for Civil Law, Labour Law, Lawyer's Law, Family Law and Sociolgy of Law
Humboldt University
​D-10099 Berlin
Email: reinhard.singer@rewi.hu-berlin.de

Homepage: http://singer.rewi.hu-berlin.de/