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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - International Dispute Resolution


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A. Application

B. Courses

C. Living in Berlin

D. Public transportation

E. With regard to the LL.M. program

F. Financial issues

G. General information for international students

H. Students with children


A. Application


How can I apply for the LL.M. Master Program?

You can apply for the International Dispute Resolution online via our platform. Please note, incomplete applications will not be considered.


Can I apply when I have not yet completed my university degree?

If you have not yet completed your university degree, but will do so before the LL.M. program starts, you are of course also invited to apply. In that case please enter relevant information about your current studies during the online application process.


What is the deadline for applying?

The application deadline for the program starting in October is March 31.


How can I proof my English language proficiency?

In assessing the applicant´s command of English, the Humboldt-Universität follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Please find more details on the "Information Sheet".


How many places are offered each year for the Master Program?

A select 25 to 30 students per year are accepted into the program to provide a stimulating learning environment fostering close interaction between faculty and students.


B. Courses


Can I participate in other courses and lectures offered at Humboldt-Universität?

Yes. With the enrolment to the LL.M. at Humboldt-Universität all students have the same possibilities to join the range of programs offered to all other students (non international). This also includes language and sports courses


Is it possible to take German language courses at Humboldt-Universität?

Yes. There are specific courses for international students that can be attended by all enrolled international students (German as a foreign language). The course fee is about EUR 40.00 per semester.

The language courses are very popular and there are only a limited number of places available, therefore it is recommended to register for the language course immediately after the Humboldt-Universität Language Centre opens the online portal for registration. Humboldt-Universität also offers intensive courses with a higher workload during semester breaks. The course fee of the intensive courses is about EUR 650.00 per module.
For further information please refer to:



What sports courses are offered by Humboldt-Universität?
Humboldt-University offers a wide range of sports courses, which can be attended by all enrolled students after registration and payment of moderate fee.

For further information please refer to:



Are there any extra talks/conferences/events held by legal practitioners at Humboldt-Universität?

For events of the law faculty please refer to:



Are there any social events organized by Humboldt-Universität or any student societies?

For events of Humboldt-Universität please refer to:



C. Living in Berlin


What are the costs of accommodation in Berlin?

There are a wide range of accommodation options available in Berlin and the price varies depending on personal preferences. The price of living in a flat share community is approx. between EUR 250.00 and EUR 400.00 per month. Living in a student residence might be bit cheaper.


Is it possible to live in a student residence?

The Studentenwerk Berlin operates a few student residences (Studentenwohnheime) in Berlin. As a student of Humboldt-Universität you can use all services of Studentenwerk Berlin. There are however a limited number of rooms so you should contact the Studentenwerk Berlin as early as possible.

For further information please refer to:


If you prefer living in a flat share community please refer to:



D. Public transportation


Does Humboldt-Universität provide any discounts for the use of public transportation in Berlin?

Yes. With your enrolment at Humboldt-Universität all students get a semester ticket for all forms of public transport in Berlin, e. g. S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Bus. The tuition fee covers the fee for the semester ticket.


E. With regard to the LL.M. program


When do the classes start? What is the LL.M. calendar like (university breaks, exam dates etc.)?

Classes start mid October. For the academic calender please refer to



How is the class atmosphere?

The class atmosphere depends on the interaction between students, but due to the fact that the mandatory courses in the first semester take up a significant amount of time, LL.M. students see each other a few times every week, and as a result they get to know each other and build relationships from the very first day.


How are the classes in the mandatory modules for LL.M. – is the focus on interaction with the students and practical knowledge and skills or is there a bigger focus on academic lecture?

Both. The LL.M. provides a great combination of classes and the specific style depends on the respective lecturer as well as on the subject matter. All students are encouraged to actively participate in the classes and take part in discussions.


F. Financial issues


In the event that I am accepted to the LL.M program and have paid the down payment but am unable to participate in the program, what happens to the down payment?

A repayment of the down payment is not possible. We highly advise students to be sure about their participation in the LL.M program before paying the down payment. The IDR master program finances itself by the students tuition fee.


Is is possible to get a tuition waiver?

Because the IDR LL.M. program finances itself by the tuition fees, we can grant a tuition waiver only to one or maximum two students per academic year, but not more. Therefore you should write a short letter to explain your financial need.


G. General information for international students


For general information please refer to the Guide for International Students of the HU International Office:

There you find a lot of helpful information, e.g.:

- Applying for a visa

- Health insurance

- Residence permit

- Accommodation

- Language courses

- ...


The International Office also provides services like visa services.



H. Students with children


Please visit the corresponding HU- website.


Activities for International Students are offered by the club Orbis Humboldtianus