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Athens Law School – A strong foundation

With almost 200 years of history, the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the oldest and largest state institution for the training of young legal scholars in Greece. Our alumni include some of the most influential and important figures of the recent Greek and European history. Our aspiration is to offer our students better, more useful and creative studies, which will equip them with the necessary skills and qualifications to deal with the complex and ever-changing academic, professional, social, cultural and technological realities. The Athens Law School endeavours to spark the students' interest in learning and research via a training curriculum which combines an interdisciplinary theoretical approach with the needs and demands of legal practice.

European Lawyer Master Programme

Our LL.M. Programme in International and European Legal Studies is the first one-year graduate programme taught entirely in English at the Athens Law School. The LL.M. programme consists of two separate LLM Courses:

a) the LLM in Private Law and Business Transactions and

b) the LLM in International and European Law.

In order to obtain the LL.M. degree, students must successfully complete two semesters and write a dissertation in a field of their choice, under the supervision of our academic staff.

In the Private Law and Business Transactions Master’s at the Athens Law School, students will be offered a wide variety of intensive modules which cover the whole range of modern private transactions, with a particular focus on the developments of EU legislation and case law. It seeks to provide students with a solid doctrinal and practical background which would allow them to successfully cope with the ever-demanding academic and professional environment, while developing their careers at the highest level of national and international practice.

The LLM course International and European Law provides students with a firm theoretical and practical foundation in the fields of Public International Law (PIL) and/or European Union Law (EUL). When more than 3/4 of the chosen subjects belong to either direction, their final degree will have the corresponding specialisation – otherwise, the final degree awarded will be an LL.M. in International & European Law. In addition to their coursework, students may also participate in moot court competitions and law clinics and have the opportunity to engage with the international community from all over the world.

Further information on the entry requirements, application procedure and tuition fees can be found here.

Special arrangements for European Lawyer Programm Students

Each year, a total number of fourteen (14) students selected by the partner Universities of the European Law School Network can be admitted to the LL.M programme according to the admission rules and procedures of their home University. These students will be admitted to the LL.M programme, provided that they meet the eligibility requirements (Bachelor’s Degree and English language skills).

Contacts person for students

If you would like to know more about the content of the LL.M. in International and European Legal Studies or have any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the programme coordinator, Mr. Konstantinos Serdaris (email address: or Mr. Alexander Mezari (

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