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General Information

The Humboldt University of Berlin (abbreviated HU Berlin) is the oldest university in Berlin (opened in 1810, as the University of Berlin). The university is divided into nine faculties and the main campus is located at Unter den Linden boulevard,  in Berlin-Mitte. One of the nine faculties of the HU Berlin is the Faculty of Law, located in the Kommode and the Old Palais, on Bebelplatz. The Humboldt European Law School is a multiple degree programme of the Faculty of Law.


35 981 students are registered at the university (excluding the students of Charité), together with 5 671 international students (Facts and Figures, WS 2019). The Faculty has a wide offer of internationally oriented-curricula, with various german-taught master programmes. A dynamic community of researchers from the Excellenztiative Berlin and the DFG Research Centers organize events that are also open to students. Students, lecturers and PHDs are actively participating in the HU Berlin’s dynamic university life.


The HU Berlin is 10 minutes from the famous Alexanderplatz (by bus) and close to many prestigious cultural and historical institutions such as the Staatsoper, the German Historical Museum, the Prinzessinnenpalais, the DDR Museum, etc. Thanks to its geographical and historical location, the Humboldt University of Berlin is a very pleasant site for student life.


European Law School Programme

While spending one year (two semesters) in Berlin, European Law School students obtain an LLM degree, completing the Master programme LL.M. European Law and Comparative Law.


Curriculum of the Master programme "Europäisches Recht und Rechtsvergleich"
The international Master programme "Europäisches Recht und Rechtsvergleich"  consists of following modules, for a total of 60 LP.

I. Compulsory Modules (20 LP)

Modul S: Einfuhrung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (5 LP)
Masterarbeit (15 LP)

II. Specialisation/"Schwerpunkt" (35 LP)
The students choose one law field from the followings:

1. Privatrecht
a. Modul Z Ia: Zivilrecht Ia (10 LP)
b. Modul Z Ib: Zivilrecht Ib (10 LP)
c. Modul V: Vertragsrecht (5 LP)
d. Modul G: Gesellschaftsrecht (5 LP)
e. Modul MV: Markt- und Vertragsrecht (5 LP)

2. Wirtschaftsrecht
a. Modul Z Ia: Zivilrecht Ia (10 LP)
b. Modul Z Ib: Zivilrecht Ib (10 LP)
c. Modul W: Wirtschaftsrecht (5 LP)
d. Modul GÖ: Gesellschaftsrecht und Ökonomische Theorie (5 LP)
e. Modul UG: Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht (5 LP)

3. Öffentliches Recht
a. Modul Ö I: Öffentliches Recht I (10 LP)
b. Modul VR: Europäisches und vergleichendes Verfassungsrecht (5 LP)
c. Modul Ö II: Öffentliches Recht II (10 LP)
d. Modul VW: Europäisches Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsrecht (5 LP)
e. Modul ÖR: Vertiefung Öffentliches Recht (5 LP)

4. Strafrecht:
a. Modul S I: Strafrecht I (10 LP)
b. Modul IS: Internationales Strafrecht (5 LP)
c. Modul S II: Strafrecht II (10 LP)
d. Modul SRP: Strafrechtspraxis (5 LP)
e. Modul SR: Vertiefung Strafrecht (5 LP)

III. Überfachlicher Wahlpflichtbereich (5 LP)
Im uberfachlichen Wahlpflichtbereich sind Module aus dem Bereich „Grundlagen des Rechts“ (u.a. Rechtsphilosophie, Rechtssoziologie, Rechtsgeschichte) oder aus den Modulkatalogen anderer Fächer oder zentraler Einrichtungen im Umfang von insgesamt 5 LP nach freier Wahl zu absolvieren.


More information can be found here.



For students starting the European Law School Programme at the HU Berlin, there are different scholarships available to fund their time spent in Berlin as well as their stays abroad. The scholarship database provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research provides a great overview: This database also gives an overview of scholarships for incoming students (in German only).


Special arrangements for European Law School Students

Thanks to our partner law firms and sponsors, and their involvement in the programme, there are plenty of internship opportunities in Berlin and abroad for European Law School students.

For detailed information about our partnered law firms, please select one of the logos below.


 Linklaters      Noerr      De Gruyter

CMS Law. Tax      GreenbergTraurig      Paypal




Contacts person for students

Academically responsible for incoming students is the International Department of the Law Faculty. They can be contacted here:  

The European Law School’s Team can be contacted under the following E-Mail:


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