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The Vote4OurRuleofLaw (Vote4ORoL) Fellowship - Apply now!

The Vote4OurRuleofLaw (Vote4ORoL) Fellowship is an initiative designed to engage young Europeans more actively in the European Parliament (EP) elections, aiming to increase turnout rates to levels more comparable with national elections. This programme focuses on empowering young voters by highlighting the significant impact EU decisions have on their lives and the importance of electing politicians who are committed to protecting democracy. By providing education on the EP's role and the importance of informed voting, the fellowship seeks to develop a well-informed talent pool of first-time voters to enhance electoral participation in the upcoming June elections and beyond.

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This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Culture of Solidarity Fund powered by the European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with Allianz Foundation and the Evens Foundation.

The project is supported by the Research Institute Law & Society (LSI) at Humboldt University and Princeton Program in Law & Public Policy.