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Comparative Studies on German, European and Chinese Law (Double Master Program)



Tongji Universität Shanghai


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Since the 2014 summer semester, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has been offering five places each year for a double master's program in cooperation with Tongji University Shanghai and the University of Konstanz.
So far, five DAAD scholarships have been available for the study abroad. For the period starting in 2021, an extension of the DAAD scholarship will be applied for.
The Master's program is primarily intended for graduates of a law program at a German university, but is also open to students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree in other fields.

Sequence of the study program

The master program lasts a maximum of two years and includes one year abroad at Tongji University Shanghai.
Students who take part in the written state examination in spring can bridge the "empty" phase until their oral examination in a meaningful way by taking up the double master's program in the summer semester and enrolling at Tongji University.
Enrollment is only open for applicants who have passed the First Law Examination by the time they begin their studies abroad.
The first part of the study program serves as a preparation for the one-year stay in Shanghai, which starts in the winter semester. In addition to the participation in a Chinese language course, the study program includes the attendance of a three-week summer school, which takes place alternately in Konstanz or Berlin.

At Tongji University, in addition to the courses on Chinese law, students can expand their basic knowledge of the Chinese language. After the year abroad, during which an internship can also be completed, students write their master's thesis in English or German.


Upon successful completion, graduates receive an LL.M. degree from Tongji University Shanghai as well as from Humboldt University zu Berlin.