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Law Clinics: Links and Resources

On this page, we are listing select readings as well as further information on Law Clinics as practice-oriented study modules at universities in Germany and the EU, as well as on cooperations between the Humboldt Law Clinic: Grund- und Menschenrechte with other Law Clinics.

We are always happy to receive additional material or links that you might miss on this page!

On Law Clinics

  • Richard J. Wilson, Western Europe: Last Holdout in the Worldwide Acceptance of Clinical Legal Education, German Law Journal 2009, Vol. 10 No. 07, 823-846. You can read the article here.

  • Mark Spiegel, Theory and Practice in Legal Education: An Essay on Clinical Legal Education, UCLA Law Review 1987, Vol. 34, 577-610, Download here

Other Law Clinics in Germany

Other Law Clinics in the EU

Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic in Turin

Conferences and Networks

Research resources

  • The Law Library at Humboldt University as well as the Library of the German Institute for Human Rights offer extensive resources for research, including online resources.

  • Prof. Baer's institute has build a copious library in the areas of human rights and anti-discrimination law. This collection is only partly represented in the university's online catalog HU-OPAC; we therefore offer a bibliographic database for an online research of the institute's collection. Please contact Prof. Baer's team members to check out books for short-time loans.