Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Integrative Research Institute Law & Society (LSI)

Law and Jurisprudence

This research focus explores interactions between the law, jurisprudence and social transformation. What role does jurisprudence have in changing social realities? In what ways is social change mirrored in or taken up by court decisions and in how far does jurisprudence affect legislative processes? And how can actors who are part of the jurisprudential process be adequately described beyond the classic division of roles?

In order to go beyond socio-legal research that is anchored in a German perspective on jurisprudence, this research focus aims for a comparative perspective that takes into account entangled histories while investigating a spectrum of local to global phenomena of jurisprudence in different regions of the world.


Research Projects:

Home of the Others. Country of Origin Information as a form of knowledge in asylum appeal adjudication in Germany

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Completed Research Projects: 

Migration and the transformation of German administrative law: an ethnographic study of state-migrant interactions in administrative courts

The impact of the German Constitutional Court