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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - International Dispute Resolution

About the IDR LL.M.

The Law Faculty of Humboldt University of Berlin offers a new master program in International Dispute Resolution since Fall 2015. The Law Faculty is breaking new ground in this respect – there is no comparable master opportunity available in all of Germany.


The organization and academic management of the programme are in the hands of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wagner. The Master Program International Dispute Resolution (IDR) will give up to thirty students from all around the world the opportunity to achieve a masters degree (LL.M.), which especially qualifies them for careers in the area of international arbitration.


As out of court dispute resolution is firmly established in international transactions, the Law Faculty at Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, by initiating the IDR Master Programme, is servicing the urgent demand for lawyers trained in the matter. As lawyers working in this field are expected to posses a high level of skills and expertise, these will be taught within the IDR Programme. The focus of the Master Programme is on commercial arbitration. Additionally, Students will study the requirements of private and public international law as well as other ADR Tools such as Mediation and Adjudication. Certain areas of international arbitration and specific problems such as corruption within arbitration will also be covered. The participants will be trained in the skills needed to apply and implement their acquired knowledge in the professional realm.