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Looking back on the Humboldt Dispute Resolution Conference 2023

Beautiful weather, an exciting group of panellists discussing fascinating topics and a wide array of attendees consisting of practitioners, students and academics all made for a superb second annual Humboldt Dispute Resolution Conference.

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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wagner LL.M. (Chicago) kicked this year’s conference off with his keynote address, wherein he highlighted the alternatives (or rather threats) to arbitration: commercial courts and alternative dispute resolution. He analysed how and why these alternatives have been gaining traction and what arbitration can do to remain an attractive option for organisations all around the world.


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Following this interesting outlook into the future of arbitration, Panel I discussed similarly current topics all following the theme of “Getting the Most out of Modern Tools”: Ella Wisniewski, Sercan Polat and João Vitor Costa all focused on efficiency of arbitrational proceedings. Their comments on early dismissals, expedited arbitration and efficiency pitfalls of the construction sector, showed succinctly where arbitration has yet to improve.

On a somewhat different, albeit interesting note, Ivan Yurevich neatly presented how conflict of laws issues have affected the appeal of international arbitration and whether they can be avoided or will forever remain a necessary evil.

Completing the first panel, Isabela Godoy presented a refreshing demonstration of modern legal design. Her “before and after” examples of contracts that underwent a legal design glow-up perfectly concluded the first panel discussion.


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The second half of the program specifically focused on efficiency in arbitration. Oleksandra Hnatiuk provided some new ideas on how we should perceive „efficiency“ as a concept. Ivan Petrov presented the procedural strengths of the Arbitration Rules of the DIS and how they promote efficiency. Müge Bakırcıoğlu (Erdoğmuş) spoke on the efficiency of multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses. Thiago Stüssi and Sercan Çavuşoğlu commented on the interaction of public courts and arbitral tribunals as well as the enforcement of arbitral awards.


The panel discussions were moderated by the fantastic Jake Lowther and Aina Hannisa. For more information on the panellists and individuals involved you can click here to check out the 2023 HDRC program.


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In the late evening, many of the attendees happily mingled at Mokka Mitte Bar to chat about the serious and not so serious aspects of life and law.


A special thank you goes out to the organizing committee spearheaded by Alicja Zielinska-Eisen consisting entirely of alumni of the Humboldt University IDR LL.M! Thank you to Laura Reichen, María del Mar López-Latorre, Beril Kaptan, Jake Lowther, Aina Hannisa and Petrit Elshani.

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We would also like to extend our deep gratitude to the numerous sponsors who enabled us to hold this event!