Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - International Dispute Resolution

Welcome to Berlin, Class of 2024

Introduction Week 2023 – Welcome to Berlin!

The IDR LL.M. Class of 2023/2024 was delighted to experience a well-organized and remarkable introduction week. Throughout the week, we engaged in various classes with the IDR LL.M. academic team to gain an overview of the course, where we received comprehensive information about the resources essential for our studies. Additionally, we had the pleasure of touring Humboldt University of Berlin, which included visits to the law library, the canteen known as Mensa and more. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Alicja Zielińska-Eisen, the lecturer and Academic Coordinator, Naod Mekonnen, and Elisa Henke, research students, for their invaluable support throughout the induction. Class 2024 is set for a successful academic year!

We also had the privilege of attending an introductory class on the German legal system and the various courts, led by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wagner, the Academic Director of the IDR LL.M. program. Furthermore, we received a detailed overview from Ms. Deborah Keller, Senior Associate at CMS Hasche Sigle, regarding the process of obtaining admission in Germany through law studies, the two state exams, and the mandatory two-year internship. In this introductory phase, we also had the pleasure of having Cut Aina Hannisa and Oguzhan Samanci, research fellows from Humboldt University of Berlin, introduce us to international commercial arbitration and EU law and institutions. These crash courses were aimed at bringing us up to speed before the start of the regular classes.

The guest lectures were exceptionally welcoming, with the IDR LL.M. team organizing sessions featuring well-recognized professionals in their respective fields. These lectures aimed to provide us with a solid foundation and reinforce the fundamental principles of the subjects we will be studying this semester. We express our gratitude to Ms. Korinna von Trotha, the executive director of ASA in Geneva, as well as to Ms. Müge Bakırcıoğlu and Mr. Axel Benjamin Herzberg, both partners at BODENHEIMER in Berlin.

Transitioning to a practical perspective, we were fortunate to have Dr. Phillip Wagner, a partner from WAGNER Arbitration, who inspired us to maximize the benefits of our LL.M. program and explore potential career opportunities. His sincere and insightful discussion left a lasting impact, underscoring the importance of having a plan while remaining adaptable to seize better opportunities, even if they deviate from our initial expectations. We learned that preparation and flexibility are key to our success.

We also had the opportunity to engage in direct conversations with alumni students from the IDR LL.M. family, hosted by alumna Laura Reichen. The alumni introduced themselves during the online meeting, followed by a fun online quiz with general Q&A about Berlin, fostering interaction among our colleagues and helping us get to know each other better. Furthermore, the alumni graciously dedicated time for us to ask questions, spanning various topics, from academic expectations like what to anticipate on exams and the thesis, to strategies for entering the job market after graduation.

Finally, it is worth noting that at the end of each day, we had the occasion to participate in social activities and gatherings which offered excellent opportunities for us to interact more closely with the coordinators, alumni, and professors.

After all these wonderful events, the IDR LL.M. class could not be more excited for what awaits us this year, with the certainty that it will be a remarkable one! If this is just a glimpse of what lies ahead, it has truly captivated us, and we couldn't be more grateful to study at such a renowned university like Humboldt, alongside the phenomenal IDR LL.M. family!

By Carolina Solis Villares