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Q-Team "Legal Pluralism and Gender in India"

Juristische Fakultät

Siddarth de Souza, Tanja Herklotz

Donnerstags, 16 - 18Uhr, UL9 E14

Veranstaltungsnummer: 21811605



This interdisciplinary research seminar (Q-Team) is designed to study issues of legal pluralism in India through the lens of gender. India is a country that reflects the coexistence of a multiplicity of beliefs, customs and traditions. This diversity perpetuates the functioning of dispute resolution systems, laws and practices with varying degrees of authority. In choosing gender to understand India’s multi-layered society, we wish to examine this issue through four clear frames:


  1. Religion based family law ("personal laws") or a Uniform Civil Code for India?: Thinking through questions of identity, politics and opportunity
  2. Making law for women: Learning from women’s movements and civil society organizations in India
  3. Exploring official and unofficial dispute resolution forums and their engagement with women’s rights in India
  4. Policy-making: Untangling the web of institutions prescribing policy on gender justice in India

This seminar is designed to encourage students to undertake individual research projects. It will involve a series of introductory teaching seminars, followed by individual work and teamwork on specific research questions, the writing of a paper and the presentation of the individual projects among other students and researchers.

The number of participants is limited. Interested candidates are requested to send a short note stating their interest in the course
by 7th April 2017 to and .

Rechtswissenschaft PO 2008 / PO 2015: Präsentation und schriftliche Arbeit