Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Integrative Research Institute Law & Society (LSI)

Law and Migration

Contact: Prof. Dr. Pauline Endres de Oliveira, Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan

Migration is one of the key drivers of social change. These affect all levels of society (local, national, transnational and global) and subsystems (e.g. economy, politics, culture and law). Law, on the other hand, is ascribed a conservative aspect, as it codifies and thus reproduces certain values - whether they are the product of cultural traditions, socio-economic circumstances or political negotiation processes. While "migration" and "law" as isolated phenomena are already recognised as the subject of multi- and interdisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research into the relationship between "migration and law" is still in its infancy. This interdisciplinary field of research aims to contribute to this.