Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Integrative Research Institute Law & Society (LSI)

Policing in the 21th century (Arab-German Young Academy), Jan-Dez 2022

"German police officers are deployed around the world to stabilize countries in crisis." Policing and stability thus go hand in hand, according to the German Federal Ministry of Interior. The project seeks to understand the concept of policing, by looking at the history, laws, and cooperative practices of policing in Germany/Europe as well as in diverse countries of the Arab World. Policing and police practice is analysed as power and social engineering tool between the international arena, nation states, communities, and individuals, in the analogue as well as digital/cyber world. We seek to explore police missions, as one example of "provide a lasting and effective contribution to the fight against illegal migration and the threat of international terrorism". "The goals of German police participation in missions are thus closely linked to ensuring the internal security of Germany and Europe."  ( It is these entanglements of internal and international policing that this interdisciplinary and international scholarly investigations seeks to understand and explore. Working papers of the workshop participants published in 2023 will allow to assess the role of policing in the field of German-Arab relations

Tandem partner: Prof Dr. Anaheed Al Hardan (Howard University)