Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof Dr Christoph Paulus

Lectures / speaches

Prof. Dr. Christoph Paulus, LL.M. (Berkeley)


  • University of Buenos Aires, topic: International Insolvency Law.
  • University of Rosario, Argentinien, topic: German Insolvency Law.
  • Global Judges Forum Buenos Aires, topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • University Vienna, topic: Ancient Roman Law, International Civil Procedural Law and European Insolvency Law.
  • Grundlsee, topic: European Insolvency Regulation and International Insolvency Law.
  • Bad Gastein, topic: European Insolvency Regulation.
  • Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz, topic: German Insolvency Law.


  • Brüssel, topic: European Insolvency Principles.


  • Sao Paulo, topic: Insolvency Law.


  • University of Toronto, topic: Insolvency Law.


  • Santiago, Topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • Peking, topic: International Insolvency Law.
  • Tongji University Shanghai, topic: Insolvency Law for States (Staateninsolvenzrecht).


  • Villa de Leyva, topci: International Insolvency Law (Völkerinsolvenzrecht).


  • University of Zagreb, topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • University Tallinn, topic: Insolvency Law and Procedural Law.
  • University Tartu, topic: Insolvency Law and Procedural Law.


  • Sorbonne (Paris I), Paris, topic: German Insolvency Law.
  • Sorbonne (Paris I), IBA-Conference 2011 for European Insolvency Law, topic: German Insolvency Law.

Great Britain

  • London (Anual Meeting of the US- american ABA 2000), topic: International Insolvency Law.
  • London (joint Conference InsolEurope/3R 2005), topic: European Insolvency Law.
  • London (King's College), topic: International Insolvency Law (Völkerinsolvenzrecht).
  • Cambridge (University of Cambridge), topic: Insolvency Law.
  • At the British Institute for International and Comparative Law, topic: Brexit.


  • University of Athens, topic: Civil Procedural Law.


  • Cork, topic: German and European Insolvency Law.


  • Tel Aviv, topic: German and European Insolvency Law.


  • University „La Sapienza”, Rom, topic: European Civil Procedural Law, International Insolvency Law, Comparative Jurisprudence.
  • Rome (Anual Meeting of INSOL Europe 2001), topic: European Insolvency Regulation.
  • Florenz, Topic: German Insolvency Law.
  • Mailand (University Bocconi), topic: Comparison of Insolvency Statuts (Insolventsrechtsvergleichung).
  • Venedig, topic: Rating of Legal Statuts (Rating von Rechtsordnungen).


  • Kyushu-University, Fukuoka, topic: Insolvency Law, National and International Civil Procedural Law, Ancient Roman Law and connections between International Law and Insolvency Law
    (Insolvenz-, nationales und internationales Zivilprozess- und römisches Recht sowie Verbindungslinien zwischen Völkerrecht und Insolvenzrecht).
  • Ritsumeikan-University, Kyoto, topic: Legal Education.
  • Miyazaki, Kyushu, topic: Insolvency Law.


  • Luxemburg, topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • Gaudalajara (2. Congreso Nacional de Derecho Concursal), topic: European Insolvency Law.
  • Mexico City, topic: Bank Insolvency Law.


  • Chisinau, topic: Fundamental questions of Insolvency Law.


  • Wroclav, topic: Insolvency Law of the States (Staateninsolvenzrecht).


  • St. Petersburg, topic: International Insolvency Law.
  • Lomonosov University, Moscow, topic: National Insolvency Law.


  • Basel, topic: Ancient Roman Law.
  • UNCTAD Basel, topic: Debt Clearnce for States (Entschuldung von Staaten).
  • St. Gallen, topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • Belgrad, topic: Fundamental Questions on Insolveny Law.
  • Belgrad (Faculty of Business Law), topic: International Insolvency Law.


  • National University, Singapur, topic: States Insolvency Law (Staateninsolvenzrecht).
  • Singapur, at the Insol International anual Meeting 2011, topic: States Insolvency Law (Staateninsolvenzrecht).


  • University Pamplona, topic: International Insolvency Law, Family Law, International Civil Procedural Law and European Insolvency Law
    (Völkerinsolvenzrecht, Familienrecht, Internationales Zivilprozessrecht und Europäisches Insolvenzrecht).
  • Universität Autónoma Madrid, topic: State Insolvency Law (Staateninsolvenzrecht).

South Africa

  • University of the Western Cape, Kapstadt, topic: European and German Consumer Law.
  • University of Cape Town, Kapstadt, topic: Methodology of Comparison of Jurisprudence.
  • University von Stellenbosch, topic: German Contract Law.

Tchech Republic

  • Prague, topic: German Insolvency Law


  • Tunis, topic: International Insolvency Law(Völkerinsolvenzrecht).


  • University Izmir, topic: Roman and Current Modern Law (Civil Procedural and Insolvency Law).


  • Andrássy University, Budapest, topic: Roman Law.


  • UNO, New York, topic: State Insolvency Law (Staateninsolvenzrecht).
  • University of California, Berkeley, topic: Roman Law and International Insolvency Law
    (Römisches Recht, Internationales Insolvenzrecht und Völkerinsolvenzrecht).
  • University of Oregon, Eugene, topic: Roman and current modern Law (Insolvency Law and Copyright.
  • University of Texas, Austin, topic: German and International Insolvency Law.
  • Cornell-University, Ithaka, topic: European Insolvency Law.
  • University of Connecticut, Hartford, topic: National and International Insolvency Law.
  • Fordham University, New York, topic: International and German Insolvency Law
    (Völkerinsolvenzrecht und Deutsches Insolvenzrecht).
  • Brooklyn Law School, New York, topic: German and International Insolvency Law
  • Princeton Club, New York, topic: International Debt Clearnce (Völkerrechtliche Entschuldungsfragen).
  • International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., topic: Essential Features of the Insolvency Law (Grundzüge des Insolvenzrechts).
  • World Bank, Washington D.C., topic: German Insolvency Law and State Debt Clearance (Deutsches Insolvenzrecht und Staatsentschuldung).
  • Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C., toipic: International Insolvency Law (Völkerinsolvenzrecht).
  • Federal Reserve, San Francisco, topic: German Insolvency Law.
  • University of Texas, Austin, topic: International Insolvency Law (Staateninsolvenzrecht).