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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech

Lucas Lasota

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Lucas Lasota

Dr. Lucas Lasota is an international legal counsel with background in Contract and Technology Law, academic researcher and digital rights activist. His experience involves research and work in the EU, Russia and Brazil.

His current research is focused on contemporary regulatory measures involving digital technologies and their impact on individual and collective rights, as well internet governance, telecommunications and international contract law.


Selected Publications:

For a full list of publications, click here.

(2020) Lasota, L. ‘Net Neutrality and Free Choice of Routers and Modems
in Europe’, Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and
Electronic Commerce Law (JIPITEC), (3), pp. 303–314. (Link)

(2020) Lasota, L. ‘Computer Programs and Human Rights: The Social
Function of Copyright Law and Licensing Models in the European Union’,
in. International Scientific Conference of Private Law, Moscow: RUDN
University. (Accepted to publication)

(2020) Ku Wei Bin, G., Lasota, L. and Jaeger, T., ‘Free and Open Source
Software Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions - Next Generation
Internet Legal To-Dos’. Berlin: Free Software Foundation Europe. (Link)

(2020) FSFE, ‘Router Freedom challenged by new European rules’. Berlin:
Free Software Foundation Europe. (Link)


Talks, seminars, workshops:

(2021) Lasota, L. ‘Net Neutrality and Free Software: The Case of Router
Freedom in Europe’. FOSDEM 2021 - Policy and Legal Devroom, Brussels
(Online). (Link)

(2020) Lasota, L. ‘Shaping the future of the Internet with Free
Software’. OpenExpo Europe, Madrid (Online). (Link)

(2020) Lasota, L. ‘Workshop: Digital Behavior and Technological
Empowerment at Personal and Professional Level’. Assemperj -
SindSeMep-RJ, Rio de Janeiro (Online). (Link)


University Courses:

(WS 2021-2022) Lasota, L. ‘Introduction to Software Law’. Humboldt University of Berlin. (Link)

(SS 2021) Lasota, L. `Legal Aspects of Digital Sovereignity´. Humboldt University of Berlin. (Link)

(WS 2020-2021) Lasota, L. ‘Introduction to Software Licensing in Europe’. Humboldt University of Berlin. (Link)


Contact information: