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DynamInt Doctoral Conference 2024 - European responses to global crises


DynamInt Doctoral Conference 2024

European responses to global crises - Testing the resilience of the EU legal order


The annual DynamInt Doctoral Conference will be held in Amsterdam on 28th and 29th August 2024 and is co-organised by the Graduate School DynamInt (Humboldt University of Berlin) and the Amsterdam Law School (University of Amsterdam). It takes place in the context of the European Law School’s Summer Academy. We invite early career researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral) working in European Union law to come together and to discuss responses to the most pressing crises currently facing the European Union, its Member states, and citizens. Within the framework of the three topics outlined below, participants may present their work and engage in discussion with fellow scholars. In addition, Faculty specialised in EU, international, and comparative law will give in-depth feedback on the contributions submitted prior to the conference.


In recent years, the resilience and adaptability of EU law and governance has been tested by a myriad of challenges that have effectively put the bloc in a constant state of crisis. The already strained balance between unity and diversity increases the necessity for a multifaceted legal framework able to endure challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and continue to function effectively while upholding the EU’s core values and objectives. 


With this conference, we aim to develop a better understanding of the diverse unfolding crises and the unique challenges they pose against the background of an ever-evolving EU legal order.