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 News & Upcoming Events


HUCELL-Rede: Prof. Christina Eckes (Universiteit van Amsterdam) "Global Warming as a Threat to Democracy in Europe: What Role for the Judiciary" 11. Januar 2022, 18 Uhr 

Interviewing Lawyers: Workshop on Qualitative Interviews in Socio-Legal Research | Flyer | Registration | 16th November 2021

Publication by associated researcher Eun Hye Kim together with Prof. Mel Marquis: A new competition law for Korea: political, economic and legal context, European Competition Law Review 2021, 645-660

Publication by DynamInt fellow Lukas Huthmann and Prof. Dr. Martin Heger in the ZStW: "Grundrechtsvielfalt" in Europa: Wegmarken hin zu einem europäisierten deutschen Strafverfassungsrecht?

Alba Hernandez Weiss elected as speaker of the DynamInt fellows for the winter semester 2021/ 2022