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DFG Graduate School: DynamInt

DynamInt is a graduate program funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) launched on October 1, 2019. Its common field of study is the equilibrium between harmonisation and plurality in European law. The core of the program is the development of rules, principles and institutions from the perspective of legal scholarship that inspire a dynamic vision of integration in order to face the challenges of processes of disintegration in the EU. 

The methodological approach of DynamInt is both international and interdisciplinary. DynamInt is situated within the outstanding network of leading universities in Europe united in the European Law School. The program also benefits from interdisciplinary cooperations under the auspices of the Law & Society Institute Berlin and several other institutes.


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Congratulations: Alumnus Moritz Schramm wins European Law Faculties Association award for best doctorate 2023.

This week, our alumnus Moritz Schramm was honored by the European Law Faculties Association for his doctorate. He won the First Prize of 2023, which was presented by Professor Laurence Gormley at the Association's annual conference in Edinburgh and is endowed with 2,250 euros.

New publication by DynamInt fellows Julian Morgan and Paul Friedl: Decentralised content moderation, Internet Policy Review, 13(2)

DynamInt fellows Nicolas Dewitte and Leon Theimer elected as speakers of the DynamInt fellows for the winter semester 2023/24.

New publication by DynamInt fellow Leon Theimer: When the dust has settled: A negotiation theory analysis of the Brexit negotiations, Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement 2024, issue 1, 23-288.

New publication by DynamInt fellows Leon Theimer and Nicolas Dewitte: Ein Jahrhundert Haager Akademie: Internationales Privatrecht in einer komplexen Welt, Praxis des Internationalen Privat- und Verfahrensrechts (IPRax) 2024, issue 2, 167-168.

Upcoming publication of the phd theses of Charlotte Langenfeld: Die Autonomie des Unionsrechts in der EuGH-Rechtsprechung and Lennart Gau: Kompetenzbegrenzung in der EU-Beihilfenkontrolle.

Call for Papers: For our annual DynamInt Doctoral Conference at the ELS PhD Workshop we are looking for submissions. The title of this years conference is: European responses to global crises - Testing the resilience of the EU legal order. Find more information here