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EncyPIL (Encyclopedia of Private International Law)

EncyPIL_1.jpgIn September 2017, the four-volume Encyclopedia of Private International Law (Link), edited by Prof. Dr. Giesela Rühl, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Basedow (Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Franco Ferrari (New York) and Prof. Pedro de MiguelAsensio (Madrid), was published. It contains 247 articles and 80 national reports written by nearly 200 authors from 57 countries. It depicts private international law in its entire historical, methodological, and substantive breadth and places it in larger contexts. A separate volume contains complementary English translations of important national legal acts, some of which are available to an international audience for the first time. In 2018, the Encyclopedia was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the American Society of International Law.

The Encyclopedia is available online (via Elgaronline).




"La 'Encyclopedia of Private International Law' constituye una obra monumental y de referencia obligada para cualquier investigacion relacionada con el Derecho Internacional Privado."

Sebastian Coulon Bauer, Revista Chilena de Derecho Internacional Privado 3 (2017), p. 229; 

"This is a mammoth (four volume) study published by Edward Elgar, with contributions from 195 authors representing 57 nations ... Given the continuing expansion of the global economy through increased global trade, we believe the value and timeliness of this work to academics, international lawyers and others is difficult to over-state."

Selection Committee of the American Society of International Law 

"Elgar's Encyclopedia of Private International Law is a one of a kind book. It is rather easy to predict that it will become a leading text in the field of Private International Law for many years to come."

Riccardo Sciaudone, European Civil Law Observatory, April 2018