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BMJV: Consumer Law Days 2021 (Verbraucherrechtstage 2021)

On July 12, 2021, the Consumer Law Days 2021 organized by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection took place. The focus was on the use of artificial intelligence and the question of how a reliable use of AI systems can be successful in Germany and Europe.
In her presentation, Professor Rühl took a look at the question whether judicial proceedings can be designed with the help of AI systems in such a way that going to court becomes attractive for consumers. To this purpose, she presented various possible applications and pointed out (technical, systematic and legal) challenges that must be overcome before AI can be used in the judiciary. In doing so, she made clear that for constitutional reasons, only supportive use can be considered, while the entire delegation of judicial tasks to "robot judges" or "AI judges" is out of question.
More: Giesela Rühl, Künstliche Intelligenz in der gerichtlichen Streitbeilegung, in: Tom Braegelmann & Markus Kaulartz (eds.), Rechtshandbuch Artifical Intelligence und Machine Learning, C.H. Beck, Munich 2020, pp. 617-632, available online at