Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Prof. Dr. Giesela Rühl

Record at the Vis Moot Court!

The Humboldt University team successfully participated in the Vis Moot Court in Hong Kong and Vienna again this year - and won a record number of distinctions: In Hong Kong, Josephine Matschie, Lukas Handreck, Giulio Polisi, Raoul Sievers, and Lennart Sunnus placed among the best 8 teams (out of 140 teams); in Vienna, they managed to enter the round of the best 32 teams (out of 400). In addition, the team received - for the first time in the history of the faculty - awards for all four memoranda as well as three additional "best speaker" awards for Josephine Matschie, Raoul Sievers and Lennart Sunnus.

The chair congratulates the team and thanks the coaches - Aina Hannisa, Julia Goos, Ina Frieling, Lara Kerber and Oguzhan Samanci - for their outstanding support of the team!