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Journals/Zeitschriften zu den Gender Studies/zur Geschlechterforschung

Asian Journal of Women's Studies

AJWS is a multi-disciplinary international quarterly journal for the presentation of feminist scholarship and criticism in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences.

Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal

Atlantis is an biannually interdisciplinary journal devoted to critical and creative writing in English or French on the topic of women.

Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

The journal brings together cultural studies and feminism and aims to provide a forum for an examination of cultural politics and discursive practices informed by feminist criticism.

European Journal of Women's Studies

A multidisciplinary, academic, feminist journal which has as its main focus the nature of the complex relationship between women and the diverse regions and meanings of Europe.


A journal of theory, research, and practice about men as fathers. Published by Men's Studies Press.

Feminist Economics

Feminist Economics provides a forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic perspectives. It welcomes the treatment of economic issues from cross-disciplinary and cross-country perspectives.

Feminist Legal Studies

Feminist Studies

Feminist Studies was founded to encourage analytic responses to feminist issues and to open new areas of research, criticism, and speculation.

Feministische Studien

Feminist Theory

Feminist Theory is an international, interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for critical analysis and debate within feminist theory, published by SAGE Publications.

The International Journal of Men's Health

Men's Studies Press launches new academic journal in 2002, devoted to the subject of men's health.

Journal of International Women's Studies

On-line journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationship between feminist theory and various forms of organizing.

The Journal of Men's Studies

The Journal's cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural character disseminates material by men's studies scholars from various perspectives and disciplines.


Labyrinth, International On-line Journal for Philosophy, Feminist and Cultural Hermeneutics, published by Institute for Axiological Research, Austria.

Men and Masculinities

An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary refereed journal publishing the most recent gender studies research on men and masculinities.


Meridians is a peer-reviewed, feminist interdisciplinary journal whose goal is to provide a forum for scholarship and creative work by and about women of color in U.S. and international contexts.

NORA - Nordic Journal of Women's Studies

NORA is a channel for feminist research from all disciplines. Emphasis is placed on a Nordic profile in feminist research, with regard to content and theoretical and methodological approaches.

Psychology of Women Quarterly

Psychology of Women Quarterly is a feminist, scientific journal that publishes empirical research, critical reviews, theoretical articles, brief reports and invited book reviews.

Sexualities. Studies in Culture and Society

Sexualities is an international journal providing a forum for debate and discussion on the changing nature of the social organization of human sexual experience in the late modern world.


A German language feminist law journal.

Women's Health and Urban Life

New international journal on Women's Health and Urban Life, at University of Toronto. Orientation is critical, feminist and social scientific.

Women's Studies International Forum

A bimonthly journal to aid the distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary, international area of women's studies and in feminist research in other disciplines.